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Best of 2009 and all that jazz

Everyone’s doing it so I guess I should as well….while I still remember last year So, here it is…’ye olde best of 2009′ list. However, since my memory is a bit rubbish, I’ll just make it a big post with a bunch of names and gigs thrown in here and there….I think…we’ll see how I … Continue reading

Indietracks makes me want to rock out!

That’s it. Indietracks 2009 is over. Three days of far too much booze and not enough sleep…but also three days of amazing fun and great music. I must say I was a bit worried beforehand, with Elefant Records being involved and all that. I guess I feared that with bigger names on the bill, it … Continue reading

Allo sweet whispers

Another weekend just flew past. I don’t know what happened to time, but it seems to pass alot faster these days. Anyway, Friday night was incredible. At first, there was the usual fear/paranoia that goes with putting on shows. What if nobody shows up? What if the sound guy doesn’t show up? What if the … Continue reading

That was rather awesome…

The Lucksmiths final show, with support from Daniel Kitson and Allo Darlin. Such a lovely evening. It started off rather bizarrely, when we walked into a dodgy strip joint by mistake. Seriously! We mistook it for a weird old man’s pub, which would have been much preferable to all the generic gastro-lounge-nonsense bars around the … Continue reading

Goodbye Lucksmiths, Allo Darlin’

To quote the late Micheal Jackson, “This is it”. Tonight is the night of the very last Lucksmiths show. To be honest, it doesn’t really mean that much to me, or anything at all actually. I like what I’ve heard, but that pretty much amounts to one song, T-shirt weather. I hope they play it. … Continue reading

Me and a legend

So, I was in rather fine company on Saturday. I was at an event called Sweden on Stage, celebrating Swedish culture and drawing attention to the fact that Sweden have just taken over the presidency of the European Commission. A bunch of Swedish artists were performing, including bearded ABBA legend BEnny Andersson himself. However, I … Continue reading

It’s all a bit of a blur…

…but we also went to see Blur at Hyde Park on Thursday. It was pretty amazing. I have a video of Song 2 that I might put up later, but for now…two Polaroids. ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!!!!!

Another awesometastic show coming up!

That’s right. We’re putting on yet another show and this one should be very special indeed. We’re doing it upstairs at The Betsey, which is a lovely little room. It should be great. Come and join the fun. Sweet Baboo will, or should if there’s any justice in the world, be massive this year. With … Continue reading

Some special sounds indeed

I’m still a bit bummed that I missed Shonen Knife at the Windmill last night. I’ve wanted to see them for ages and I had actually bought tickets (two even), but instead I heard Greenwich calling me…and I just couldn’t resist. Monster Bobby was hosting his first Special Sounds night at Oliver’s Music Bar and … Continue reading