I’m organising a gig…and it’s gonna be awesome!

It’s been years since I put on a gig, but here goes. Me and Paul from Scared To Dance (whose club night I make the flyers for…look at them HERE) are co-promoting a night of awesome bands at my favourite small venue in London, Power Lunches.


Playing are three of my favourite UK indiepop bands…

First up are The Spook School. They’re from Edinburgh and are properly AWESOME! If you’re not grinning from ear to ear after watching Niall beat the shit out of those drums…well, then you’re pretty much dead inside.

Then it’s Just Handshakes. They’re from Leeds, used to have a (we’re British) after the Just Handshakes bit, but are still just as awesome. They just released an incredible album and you should all buy it.

Finally…headliners of the night, close friends and probably the best band in London Tigercats (and not ‘probably’ in a Carlsberg advert kind of way…there is a very strong possibility that Tigercats actually are the best band in London). They will have had over a month to get over the jet-lag from their US tour, so will blow you away.

Power Lunches is tiny and this show is already selling quickly, so get your tickets here asap.

That’s about it. Pretty much the perfect pop show.

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