Best albums of 2012 – #1: Paws – Cokefloat!

This is an unusual entry in that I have no real personal experience of this band, I’ve never seen them live and have no personal memories related to any of their songs. I didn’t even know they existed before Pitchfork reviewed their album in October. I generally hate Pitchfork, I really do…but I do visit the site occasionally just to see what those self-important fucks have considered worthy of reviewing. Cokefloat! got a good score I think, but it was the artwork and the mention of Glasgow that caught my interest. So I listened to it on spotify, then again and again and again. now tells me I’ve listed to Paws about 250 times since mid-October, which is pretty good considering I only use spotify at work.


It’s just a great album. Much of the album involves dealing with loss (of a parent). Perhaps not the cheeriest of subject matters, but it manages to mix sad and hopeful and is just very sweet and moving as opposed to depressing.

“If a kid at school had broken my arm or a girl had smashed my heart, she would hold me, tell me it was their loss…life goes on” (Catherine 1956)

I don’t know what to say really and it’s one of those days when I don’t really feel like writing. Have a listen, maybe it will grab you too. I think it’s awesome and beautiful from start to finish, the melodies, the lyrics, and the  awesome screaming. We all need to do (and hear) a bit of screaming every now and then.

You can buy Cokefloat! on CD/vinyl from Fat Cat Records. I finally ordered it myself yesterday, yes I did.

“If you don’t even know my favourite food or animal, how can I depend on you?” (Get Bent)

There are also some nice session videos of the band on the Fat Cat youtube channel. Here’s one.

Awesome stuff.  Now, I’d really like to see these guys live.

3 thoughts on “Best albums of 2012 – #1: Paws – Cokefloat!

  1. funny, you never saw them life, since they played three times at the great escape. I caught them twice, actually, and they were pretty good. didn’t buy the record until today though.

  2. PAWS have been my favourite band since they played an instore for us for Record Store Day 2012. I’ve seen them twice since then and will plug Cokefloat! all evening. I despise reviews but it was my album of the year by a great distance. Lyrically, something else kept jumping out after every listen and I thought, wow! This is serious stuff. The lyrics are now somewhere on their facebook page. The album is tamed down a little but the screaming on side 2 is fantastic and is what really cracked me on the head and bashed my buttons.

    Do you know that Phillip has his own cassette tape based label, Cath Records? He is self deprecating but serious about his music and works incredibly hard for others as well as PAWS. The energy and vibe they give off is why I honestly think that these animal hands will take off. The guys are on tour in February. You are in for a treat.

    • Despise reviews, eh? Normally don’t really like writing about records and I much prefer writing about film. But this year I needed some distractions and the top-10 album thing was a useful project to take my mind off things. I just got the vinyl copy in the post, so I’m looking forward to giving that a spin.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the cassette label. Will have a look at that. And definitely going to the London show on 21st Feb! Exciting!

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