Best albums of 2012 – #3: Math The Band – Get Real

This one was always going to be on my list. I’ve been a fan of Math The Band for several years now and did an interview with Kevin back in early 2010 (read it here). So, new material was always going to be exciting. Then, as track after track started appeared online with increasingly ridiculous videos it just became more and more obvious that would end up in the top three. Here’s the one for Bad Jokes. Videos for all album tracks are available on

The album itself dropped at the end of October and what a treat it was to finally hear it all in one go. A pure explosion of noise, energy and joy.

I actually joined a gym last month. I’m hoping to shed a few kilos, with the aim of fitting into my ever-increasing collection of band t-shirts that are too small for me. You see, I’m kind of in-between sizes and quite often the S is too small and the M is too big. So, I always figured it would make sense to buy the smaller one and try to reduce in size, as opposed to buying the bigger and try to get fatter. I’ve got quite a collection now – unworn t-shirts from Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Death Set, Times New Viking, Discount Horse Records, High Dive, Defiance Ohio…and also Math The Band.

Anyway, there was a point to that anecdote. While at the gym,  I’ve been listening to nothing but Get Real. I imagine it’s also a rather incredible party album, but as far as exercise music goes, it’s pretty spectacular. It kind of makes it feel like you’re in a crazy, happy computer game and I’ve had to stop myself from screaming along to songs like I Hope You Die on the treadmill several times. The album’s length of 39 minutes or so is also a pretty decent run for an unfit blob like myself.


The album itself is not a massive departure from Kevin and Justine’s previous efforts, they’re simply just getting better at what they’re doing. The songs are better recorded, it’s all extremely tight and well played…at an absolutely insane speed. It never really stops, from the first bleepy intro of Positive Stress to the bleepy outro on The First Ten Years, it’s just perfect non-stop 8-bit-riot-party-pop-punk-awesomeness.

Of course, it’s not an album for everyone, maybe not even for most people…but it’s definitely an album for me. It just makes me really happy and excited about fast, fun, music.

Finally, yes it is a great album, but Math The Band should really be experienced live. They tour relentlessly, so catch them if you get the chance. They’ve done big US tours with artists grand overlord of partying Andrew WK and European tours with teenage dirtbags Wheatus, but  are equally likely to be playing house parties in the middle of nowhere. Keep an eye out on their website. Seriously, they will melt your face. In an awesome way.


You can order Get Real on CD or vinyl from Anchor Brain. Which reminds me, I’m still waiting  for my vinyl copy to arrive in the post. I eally hope it hasn’t been lost.

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