What a weekend…music, music and more music

I spent most of yesterday on the sofa recovering from what was a brilliant bank holiday weekend, only leaving the flat once to go to Tesco next door to buy food and shitloads of popcorn.

But, wow…I can’t remember the last time I saw so many awesome bands in such a short space of time.

On Saturday I headed down to Brixton for the first day of The Oddbox Weekender. It was a great line-up, but I only stuck around for Fever Dream and Humousexual. They were both great!

Fever Dream


I left Brixton early to go home and drop off my own gear (I had been playing as well, you see). Then I headed over to Power Lunches in Dalston, where Trash Kitwere playing a rare show. I love their album ALOT, but had never seen them live, so it was something I really didn’t want to miss.

I’ve been without my proper camera for a month now, so apologies for all these terrible phone pictures. Somewhere in that red blur is a hazy outline of Trash Kit’s drummer.

On Saturday it was time to do some Camden Crawling. I’d never been before and it always looked a bit horrible…but a friend was playing as part of a Fence Collective showcase, so I headed over to the Earl of Camden on Parkway. I managed to catch a glimpse of Rozi Plain, who was joined on stage by members of Francois & The Atlas Mountainsand it was all very pleasant indeed.

Rozi Plain

Then it was time for The Pictish Trail to turn up the noise levels a notch and they were great….really good fun! It wasn’t the best of venues or time slots, but they managed to pull it off.

Back on the tube to Islington and the Buffalo Bar for the second day of the Odd Box Weekender. We got there in time for The Middle Ones, who were absolutely brilliant as usual.

Then it was time for Martha, a pop-punk quartet from Durham, whose EP I’ve been listening to rather obsessively for the past month or so. Really, these guys are soooooo good. Great songs, great lyrics, really tight and just really nice people (which is always a bonus). They have an EP out and you cen listen to it below! And then…buy it! NOW!




Anguish Sandwichwere up next. They also have a new EP out…and again, it’s absolutely brilliant.


Anguish Sandwich

Finally, when I thought I couldn’t handle any more music, it was time for Standard Fare. Those guys just keep getting better and better, which is quite incredible considering that they have been brilliant since the very beginning.

Standard FareBack to Camden…this time the Jazz Cafe (yes, really) and Rolo Tomassi. I’d heard a lot of good things about those guys, but maybe I had already reached my band limit for the day.

It’s not really the kind of venue I feel comfortable in and definitely not one suited for that type of music. The bouncers threw out the first crowd-surfing kid before the first song had even finished.

We finished off the night at some Camden Crawl closing party at The Cuban Bar. It was all kinds of awful. We should have gone home.

That’s all really. We made it home eventually, ears ringing and liver hurting.

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