Women’s Basketball

(this post has been edited since it was originally written)

This is a bit of an experiment. I’m in a bar in Brussels, trying out a blog app thing on my phone.I’m stuck here with people watching football and since I couldn’t care less about West Ham, Birmingham, or football in general, I thought I’d try to post something. There will be no fancy bold text or links, cause the tag button seems to crash the app.

I first came across Women’s Basketball whilst on tour with Allo Darlin’ in the US last summer. AD were playing at some rock bar in New Haven, MA and Women’s Basketball were playing what I believe was their very first gig.

I think frontman Tyler Trudeau is involved in a variety of different projects, but this seems to be his funny electrorockpopmayhem one. Just my kinda thing at the moment. And it’s funny without being too stupid.

You can download their debut album for free at the February Records website…and you should. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll at least have the awesome album title in your music library.

Download link (link from February Records website)

Tyler Trudeau website

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